Alethic Coaching 4E

What is Alethic Coaching


Alethic Coaching takes a dialogical ontological approach to growth, transformation and change. Alethic Coaching, is built on the philosophical foundation of Roy Bhaskar’s Critical Realism and Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory.

Alethic Coaching particular focuses around the AQAL Model of Integral Theory and the MELD+Scheme of Critical Realism

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Alethic is a philosophical term used by Roy Bhaskar, meaning a truth that stands as an ultimate truth, and paired with the framework of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory, gives us a meaning of  ultimate truth that is able to hold multiple perspectives.

The aim of Alethic Coaching is to help the you bring more freedom into your life, through recognising you have more capacity to be free then you are aware of, this leads to you letting go of the kind of things holding you back from creating greater possibilities for living.

Alethic Coaching recognises and supports, as you journeys toward self understanding, the growth of the core self elements of compassion and love as the foundation for the empowering of an integrated self who is able to act with more freedom, creatively, courage, passion, integrity, and awareness.

Through Alethic Coaching, you develop the reflective perceptive that equips the you in not only maintaining your pulse of freedom, but to help those around you to begin to awaken to their own pulse of freedom.

Alethic Coaching works by exploring the universals (something we all share) of Experience – Embodiment – Encounter – Enactment.

There are five ways in which a 4E is used during an Alethic Coaching interventions;

Experience – here the intra-subjective interior of the individual or the embodied personality is explored to Re-solve or break down the way in which one creates a more deeper and wider understanding of how one comes to know the world. Within Experience Alethic Coaching works with emotions, shadow and personal intra-narrative.

Embodiment – here Alethic Coaching works in freeing the natural states of physical and energetic mind/bodies, releasing blocks,and  exploring how one can hold a greater degree of self awareness through a deeper connection to body/mind states or energies.

Encounter – the inter-subjectivity  of shared meaning is used to explore personal and social interaction – again as with Experience, this can be dealing with emotions, shadow, and personal inter-narrative.

Enactment – the inter-objective of action is used to explore a social or personal praxis – a praxis can be seen as the way in which we  interacts with the world, and how we support personal and social freedoms.

The fifth way, or the Laminated 4E,  is used to support growth and change into a greater degree of freedom. The Laminated 4E, provides the most support for personal legitimacy, and authenticity, and through exploration, and  enlightened self-awareness, we come to know ourself, our relationships, and the world through a deeper connection to our pulse of freedom.

Now that we have explored the 4E, we can move onto the working model of Alethic Coaching 4R.

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