Code of Conduct

Conduct, Performance, and Ethics 

My duties as registrant of The Health and Care Professions Council 

The standards of conduct, performance and ethics I keep are:

1 To act in the best interests of my clients.

2 To respect the confidentiality of my clients.

3 To keep high standards of personal conduct.

4 To provide any important information about my conduct and competence.

5 To keep my professional knowledge and skills up to date.

6 To act within the limits of my knowledge, skills and experience and, if necessary, refer the matter to another practitioner.

7 I must communicate properly and effectively with clients and other practitioners.

8 I must effectively supervise tasks that I have asked other people to carry out.

9 I must get informed consent to provide care or services (so far as possible).

10 I must keep accurate records.

11 I must limit my work or stop practising if my performance or judgement is affected by my health.

12 I must behave with honesty and integrity and make sure that my behaviour does not damage the public’s confidence in me or my profession.

13 I must make sure that any advertising I do is accurate.

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