Mindful Walking

Mindful Walking with Gary Hawke

Mindful Walking is a form of therapy created by a constellation of Dramatherapy, coaching, and the physical exercise of walking. Mindful Walking’s aim is to strengthen your connection between mind, body, and spirit.

During a Mindful Walking session, Gary will extend an invitation to you to mindfully explore life issues, work issues, or relationship issues whilst also getting exercise by walking.

Extensive research has shown that there are very positive strong reasons to link therapy and exercise, such as:

• It helps with getting unstuck when confronting difficult issues.
• It spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking often released by mood-improving physical activity.

Mindful Walking you can strengthen your mental well being in a natural and holistic way.  90- minute Mindful Walking is not only a chance to focus on improving your well being, there is evidence suggesting that walking exercise releases endorphins that can support a feeling of freedom as you are released from stress.

Mindful Walking and talking with Gary can help you:

  • Increase feelings of well-being
  • Reduce tension and anxiety
  • Improve Mood
  • Increase Energy
  • Improve self-image
  • Spend time in nature
  • Over come Stress
  • Talk and Share with others
  • Explore the benefits of mindfulness
  • Experience a sense of freedom that comes with understanding
  • …all whilst increasing your fitness

Mindful Walking is a therapeutic coaching session and the walking is a seen as an additional benefit. A Mindful Walking session is relaxed, being set at your pace, and is not a strenuous workout or any sort of personal fitness training.

Mindful Walking with Gary, he leads you on a walk in which you are invited to spend time exploring ways in which you can overcome obstacles and move on to a more authentic way of living.

Anna-Cajsa Johansson shares her experience of Mindful Walking with Gary.

I have always been aware that walking and talking holds very interesting relationship for me. That it creates a very noticeable change during conversations that carry a lot of emotional charge or connect in to feelings I struggle to express. When the opportunity was there to see what this could bring from the perspective of a Mindful Walking therapy session I was intrigued to say the least.

The walk took place at Queens Wood Nature Reserve and Highgate Wood, London.

The location worked perfectly and I felt completely undisturbed and able to easily remain focused. It was almost surprising how private the session felt considering we were outside in a public area. I felt the soft ground and green shades of the trees added something very special. It made me reflect on how the colour green is in the middle of the visible spectrum of colour encouraging balance and harmony and how in colour therapy colour, being the colour of the heart, it relates in to patterns and cycles of our thinking process, and is emotionally expressed in how we relate to everyone and everything. I felt very safe and supported in the space held by Gary throughout and appreciate that his capability of providing this is quite extraordinary.

There is a sense of the movement helping to bring out the contraction or pressure I experience in the physical body, and then releasing it. Like when bringing an emotion in to words that are spoken allows a different level of reflection and realisation. When this is such a skilfully guided process, as I found the one with Gary to be, I believe it carries great depth. I felt the process can allow big shifts to take place in a straight forward way, in a short space of time, while till not losing any of their significance.

I have a huge amount of respect for the level work Gary does and level of transformation he is able to facilitate. This Mindful Walking session was taken along with sessions provided in the regular format Gary works with. I would recommend anyone who is engaging in any type of self-discovery, and anyone searching to re-connect to the freedom we all hold inside, to let this be one of the tools you use for your journey.

Information for Mindful Walking with Gary.

Mindful Walking takes place around Highgate Wood and Queens Wood Nature Reserve. Gary meets you at Exit 2 Highgate Tube Station, then leads you through a mindful walking practice before entering Queens Wood where you are invite to begin Mindful Walking. Each walk takes around 90 mins during which time you are invited to explore your inner world through a deep connection to the outer world. For more information and to book a Mindful Walking session contact Gary on – 07903127871 or