Alethic Coaching offers Motives and Beliefs Surgery

May I call you my Motives-and-Beliefs Surgeon from now on?

Given the flexible way I work, it is always better to experience Alethic Coaching than for me to write about the approach, this is why I offer a free one hour with Alethic Coaching, as it is still the best way of experiencing the work.

The free hour within a very short space of time can became a very powerful alethic realisation, as block are lifted and flow is released, and a pulse of freedom felt.

During a recent free session I asked if Tana, a new Alethic Coaching client, if she would be willing to share something of her experience of the hour.

I was completely overwhelmed when I received from her a wonderful expression of the power of the Alethic work.

Which Tana has allowed me to share here:

Dear Gary,

When I decided to experience an hour of your Alethic Coaching, I had more of a curiosity about your work, since I have known you as my advanced Core Integral course colleague, then I had a clear intention about what outcomes I would hope to get from it. I had reservations regarding what can be accomplished in just an hour, and I was skeptical about the voice-only, no video, meeting approach.

We explored together the issue that I chose to address, and I found your inquiry to be like a guiding torch through my mind’s maze of motives and beliefs. Some of your questions challenged me to uncover those motives and beliefs beyond what was comfortable to me, the only constant comfort being your kindness and ability to see me, understand me, and mirror my thoughts back to me.

As I faced my mental tension, you guided me to identify its expression in my body, and, to my surprise, I discovered physical tension in areas of my body that I had disconnected from. The even greater surprise was one question worded and aimed with laser-sharp precision, which triggered such a significant insight that a whole mental construct about what I thought to be true crushed and collapsed like a house of cards, to reveal a sense of relief and freedom, and a distinct body-felt flow where the tension had been just minutes before.

This happened halfway through our session, and I was amazed to be so soon freed from a limiting belief, and able to see what was really true for me. We continued our exploration for the rest of the session, and I received more insights with your guidance, together with a sense of relief, a prescribed ‘homework’ which is a perfect match to who I aspire to be, and a glimpse into possibilities that I had lacked or lost sight of.

I can’t thank you enough for this session, Gary, for your wisdom, skill and kindness, and I can’t wait to bring up more of my tensions and dilemmas in my next Alethic Coaching session with you. May I call you my Motives-and-Beliefs Surgeon from now on?

With much love,

Tana Saler, Ottawa, Canada