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    Alethic Coaching Book Review



Inside ourselves is a pulse of freedom, I call this pulse to be Alethic Free, now I know that this is quite an abstract statement, and one that I might need to explain. As the pulse of freedom is at the heart of Alethic Coaching.

The feeling of freedom is both a feeling about yourself, and about the world you live in.

Our minds like harmony and congruence between thoughts and beliefs, and so to avoid any personal dissonance that might challenge our true feeling of freedom, we search for a space in ourselves and in the world where everything just seems to work right, and true.

The feeling of freedom is dependent on finding a way in which you can make sense of the world.

Trying to make sense of a complex, chaotic and at times a bewildering world, you might take a psychological view, in which you understand how you  came to be you, or you could take a more philosophical or even spiritual view.

You may look to science to explain the world or politics or religion. You may look to the wisdom and knowledge of your family or your culture.

We are all on a search for true meaning, the Greeks understood this, and call the search for what is true, Alethic.

My name is Gary Hawke, I have over 20 years experience of supporting people to grow, and have worked with some of the hardest to reach people, Alethic Coaching is my personal way in which I support growth.

I created Alethic Coaching with the intention to help, support, and grow your capacity for freedom, with the result that a greater pulse of freedom brings a release from the blocks that hold you back.

Working with Alethic Coaching

Alethic Coaching is providing support for clients in the UK, USA, Africa, and the Middle East. Clients included:

  • Teachers
  • Musicians
  • CEOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Therapist
  • Spiritual Practitioners
  • Actors
  • Students

An Alethic Coaching session takes place over Skype, which studies have shown to be a very effective way of providing coaching, and the most cost effective way to engage with coaching.

A trusting relationship can develop very quickly with telephone counselling clients and, anecdotally, it seems that fewer sessions are needed than in comparable face-to-face work. It would appear that the relative anonymity afforded by the medium enables clients to take risks and talk more freely sooner than they might in other settings. This also enables the practitioner to take risks and use all intuitive streaks before he or she might have done if working in the same room as the client. I have found that the disclosure of very painful events or experiences often happens within the first two or three sessions by telephone, whereas I found it took several more before a similar level of disclosure was reached face to face. (Rosenfield M)

For more information about the use of Skype/Telephone click here

Any form of supported growth programme needs to be built on trust and it is important to know that you feel I can support you. Before any one commits to working with me I offer a reduced rate one hour session, in which you and I can see if we can begin to create a mutual space of support. To book the reduced rate one hour session contact me through the contact tab. Sometime it may only take one session to begin to feel a little freer.

 I Deeply Believe

I deeply believe that at the heart of the human condition is a desire and pulse to be free however, the complexity of todays world can make it difficult to fulfil that desire, and without the right support we can never feel the wonderful sense of homecoming freedom brings.

I want to support you in how you experience the world, in the way in which you deepen, expand, and encounter your relationship,  how you enact and manage your professional life, and how you embody your own unique pulse of freedom.

Alethic Coaching and the Academic World

In July 2013, I was invited to present the Alethic Coaching Model at the International Association on Critical Realism Annual international conference. The presentation was attended by the originator of Critical Realism Professor Roy Bhaskar, who found Alethic Coaching to be a very interesting application of his philosophy. This acceptance of Alethic Coaching within the academic world provides strong underpinning for the Alethic Coaching work I offer. And since then I have remained in contact with Roy Bhaskar as he helps to deepen my Alethic Coaching work.

If you would like to read the article on which my presentation was based click here

From The Testimonials

“Great Results, High Integrity, Creative”

“You can tell that Gary is drawing on a considerable depth of experience, as he perfectly balances both challenging and nurturing approaches to coax clarity and self-awareness from the coachee. You can’t do anything else but to rise towards the integrity and honesty that Gary shows in his work.

John O – Business Director

“…very intuitive and he gives enough space for individual exploration of own Alethic truth”

“If you are tired of conventional therapy and are not afraid to face up to your own inner truth than Gary is the right person who can assist you through this journey. His work is very intuitive and he gives enough space for individual exploration of own Alethic truth. His ability to bring up and pick up on unconscious issues can bring clarity to situations that has been bothering you for some time”.

Angelina P – Pro-B for life Business Manager

“…expert in the field of human development”

Gary set up an integral life practice group that was well planned, innovative and helped me learn a lot about myself and others. Gary is a great group facilitator and an expert in the field of human development

Sean W – Sports Coach

“I really appreciated the clarity of his perception..”

Gary’s Alethic weekend was a profound, illuminating, powerful experience and provided the group with many opportunities to be connected beyond our egoic stories, to the sacred in ourselves, in each other and with life.

Throughout the workshop, Gary led the group with strength and integrity and was an inspiring embodiment of open-intelligence and presence. I really appreciated the clarity of his perception, his humble, but powerful guidance through the ever-shifting process, for really honouring whatever was present in the room and meeting and serving that; always with grace, always with sincerity and authenticity.

He also provided excellent work at a reasonable cost and was on time and personable and delivered superlative work!

Barbara H – International Musician 

“listening to their essential being and incredible insights just revealing themselves”.

I wanted to say thanks to you for such a great weekend. I’ve been noticing how I worked today and through that it was easier to see what has informed me over the weekend. I found myself saying to clients that all they needed to learn was how to remember what we already know. That everything is already here as a possibility but the apperceptions that we live with block that.

And it was weird, that because I got it, I could see them getting it, relaxing into it, listening to their essential being and incredible insights just revealing themselves.

Debs B – Psychotherapist 

“I now move forward fully present in I Am Here”

“Wow wow wow. I loved my encounter during the retreat as I embodied my experiences of my childhood, adolescence and adulthood by enacting it in a way that was described by somebody in our group as a symphony! I now move forward fully present in I Am Here, embracing my potential on all levels, all lines, all states everyday, one step at a time. Thank you Gary for your love and support and coaching during my transformation. Huge hug!”

Tania B – Holistic Therapist and Coach

“…pointing out possibilities that were unseen to me”

“Gary’s coaching style is friendly and client led. Having these sessions has been a very helpful resource for pointing out possibilities that were unseen to me. He gave his time generously to ensure that we closed our sessions with clarity and action points.”

Paul S – Musician and University Lecture