Abundance, Alethic Truth and Personal Firsts

This is a very personal blog from an Alethic Coaching client, however, I wanted to share it with you all in its entirety because I feel that it shows how supportive transformational work can help define and clarify a personal Alethic Truth.

Within the blog, it is possible to see how the three questions of Alethic Coaching have been applied.

What is Real for the client?

What is the Experience of the Real for the client?

What is the Judgement of the Experience of the Real for the client?

As they applied the questions through 7 months of Alethic Coaching, what became Real was the possibility of freeing their personal power from the personal prison that a dysfunctional governing social system had created. Then to change their narrative from one of being judged to one of being the judge of their own power to support healing transformational work.

What makes this a powerful personal statement of intent is how the client has also included within the blog an elevator  statement. That shows how the abundance they have found through a realising of an Alethic Truth, shows that when we become connect to our personal unique Alethic truth, we find an abundance of friendship support that helps the client bring personal, and business firsts to into existence.

And when we recognise support given without condition, we give thanks in grace and gratitude.

And knowing that we are supported we are able to claim our unique calling.


Friday the 13th Energy Healing Day

 A Successful Day of many “Firsts”

As I sat in the light of the full moon in my garden last night, reflecting on my journey, my hero’s journey is what I call it, I acknowledged to myself internally what a big step Friday the 13th was for me on multiple levels and how it was a day of many “firsts”.

Firstly I am drawn to the word first as I am giving myself a first or an A for my ongoing achievements and all the little steps I have taken particularly since 15th March 2013 to trust and follow my unique self-calling and divine life purpose.

Friday the 13th was my first public appearance as a Healing Facilitator.

It is my first time I can remember fully following through on a thought of hosting something and making it happen.

It is my first time I took a risk of being vulnerable in the public arena by suspending my judgement of the original crayon colourful poster and posted it on Facebook and community notice boards until a more professional poster was created.

My Learning-good is good enough.

It was my first time I felt safe to communicate my feelings to the person I was creating the day with and let go of control and exclusive identification of my Ego by asking my partner to create the Facebook event and was happy with her recommendation of creating a new professional poster.

It was my first energy healing session with a member of the public.There were many processes that emerged during our time together which we have become aware of and have grown from the experience. I am truly thankful for that experience of rewriting many limiting belief around myself and laying down new neuron pathways have been laid from the Friday the 13th experience.

Thank you Andrea Johnson. It is great ongoing experience doing stuff alone and together with you.

It was my first time I had a networking conversation with the managers of the community centre, and asking for their help in which was the best space available to host a healing session and their best rate. The most important thing I am aware of from that experience was that people are willing to help you if you ask for help and willing to receive the help offered.

It was my first energy healing session with a member of the public.

It was my first day of receiving positive feedback from a stranger about the heat they could feel from my hands.

It was my first time having received a donation without asking for it.

Friday the 13th also culminated in me receiving my first call from an interested prospect who saw the poster on the community noticeboard and called me. I had my first sales conversation 2 nights ago.

It is my first time I am feeling like I am making a difference in my community. I am feeling like I am part of something bigger. I am living my calling. I feel alive for the first time. I feel connected.

Thank you Paul Witcomb, of Bournemouth Integral for your part in supporting my process of transformation400dpiLogo from our time together modelling the Hero’s Journey transformation process a few years ago to every other generative stuff we have done together. Thanks for sharing my poster on Bournemouth Integral. And thank you to everybody who shared my poster and supported me physically and from the realm beyond contributing the success of the Friday 13th Energy Healing day.

I now feel drawn to share the Otis statement which emerged out of me last night :

I am a Connection Facilitator. I utilise several holistic healing technologies to nurture people to experience greater connection to their own natural self-healing abilities, empowering them to create a life of abundance on multiple levels.

So as I draw to a close I wish to personally thank Gary Hawke of Integral Alive for my alethic coaching sessions over these past 7 months.

It has been a very illuminating experience bringing awareness to all my personal psycho dramas which I have played since childhood and now with empathic compassion I now create a new narrative for my embodiment of the entrepreneurial principle of the universe which I now enact in my new business.

Thank you for “supporting me in my pattern of transformation”, to use Gary’s words from the Alethic coaching webpage.

Yes, you are brilliant and thanks for giving me homework to write this report to share with all of you dear friends reading this now. And I say out loud, declare it boldly, I am brilliant!FRIDAY 13th SEPTEMBER copy