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Investigating Telephone Therapeutic Support

An Investigation into Telephone Therapeutic Support For Growth and Change. In this post, I intend to explore how effective Telephone/Skype is as a medium to support personal growth and change. As a Health and Care Professions Council Registered Dramatherapist, and an Advanced Certified Integral Professional, I have always felt the importance of face-to-face embodied therapeutic work. Of the […]

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The Seven Ontological Levels of Critical Realism

Critical Realism begins by recommending that we step back from our experience and notice that there is the first (1 M)oment of non-identity, or that which exists before we have named it through our experience of it. This is a response to both Kant and Hume, Kant said there is a mind independent world but because it is independent from mind, we can never know it. Hume said that there is only our experience and how we construct that experience by a process of if A then B, or if the sun comes up today and it did yesterday then it will do tomorrow.

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Wisdom Works

This year I turned 50, this makes me 10 years older then the age my mother was when my sisters and I gave my mother the 40th birthday present of having her hair professional styled so she could feel younger. As I reached 50, I have taken up running, lost weight, and joined a university […]

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EMAR EVOLVE TALK with Gary Hawke

In this episode of EMAR EVOLVE TALK with Gary Hawke, Alethic Coach, Author, Workshop Facilitator & Drama Therapist, he coaches Melissa Rebronja through her street performing fear, and they talk about ALETHIC Coaching, Religion, Spirituality & Oneness. The challenge when developing a new approach to therapy and coaching is to be able to explain how […]

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The Shadow

The Shadow “A spiritual life can’t save you from shadow suffering”. Suzanne Wagner From Carl Jung to Debbie Ford to Ken Wilber, at the leading edge of our development we are all talking about it­­ – The Shadow, what it is, how we meet it and what are the benefits of working with it. Within this […]

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How to Learn Critical Realism

How to Learn Critical Realism I wanted to share with you all Christian Smiths brilliant post of how to learn Critical Realism. With the post Christian has laid out a very comprehensive, and yet accessible way of not only understanding Critical Realism, but how the resources of Critical Realism can be applied. How to Learn […]

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